Meaning Behind Seeing Thngs

seeing thngs logo for woman owned athleisure brand


Meaning Behind Seeing Thngs

We get asked all the time how we came up with the name "seeing thngs." So we put together a summary of the evolution of our name...

Seeing Thngs: The development of the Name

At seeing thngs, we believe in a positive vision to create your best life. Everyone is a visionary. How you see things shapes your perception, and ultimately becomes your reality.

It is so important to have a vision of how you want “things” in your life, in order to achieve the outcome. Seeing life through your soul is going to give you your most fulfilled journey.

We left the “I” out of things because it represents how one can perceive something. How closely do you pay attention to detail? This in return, makes you question how closely you are focusing on what’s important in your life. We then took this “I” and put the meaning into our logo.

We want everyone to make their own perceptions, and “see thngs” in their own light/vision as everyone is on their own, unique journey. Contemplate its meaning in relation to your own perspective and life situation. We would love to hear what you make of it!


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