Seeing Thngs Coming Soon to Wheaton, IL

Model wearing seeing thngs sleeveless high-neck top with signature feminine logo print in white with black biker shorts

New Women's Clothing Store in Wheaton to Offer the Best Athleisure Wear

A woman needs everyday pieces she can truly wrap herself in during times of laughter, fashion experimentation, mental relaxation and self love meditation.

Seeing Thngs is a women's athleisure wear brand based in Wheaton, Illinois bringing clean, simple styles in long sleeve sweaters, embroidered tops, crop sweaters, crop hoodies, print and basic leggings, sports bras, jackets, accessories and more.

We recognize locally we need ageless-feminine styles and our curated selection of clothing with a touch of U.K. inspiration offers a perfect balance of quality and comfort. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on announcements and new arrivals.

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