What's the new seeing thngs collection?

model wearing seeing thngs branded black sports bra with black print

Styles to perfect your brisk walk or indoor lounge

This collection is an introduction into the seeing thngs brand. An endless structure of design with added stretch around the waist and weighted material to perfectly smooth out your curves and tighten your chest. 

Every black or white clothing item can be worn with other styles or layered. For a daily active morning run or a brisk walk, you'll find such comfort in the soft textured hoodie styles and cropped length tops to give you the room you need to stretch. 

Enjoy our black and white clothing styles like our athletic scoop sports bra, which is so perfect for a workout or a chic outdoor look. They work well to be worn with our leggings, bike shorts or cropped jacket.

The hoodies and sweatshirts will leave you feeling the cuddliest yet. The uber-soft lining creates a perfect option to lounge indoor in our simplistic styles where we mindfully placed our logos to offer variety and mysteriousness.

As more items are added for this collection, we hope it makes you feel the same way we do - Thrilled. Comforted. Inspired!


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