The Importance of Comfort

model wearing self love tee and leggings by seeing thngs athleisure brand in wheaton Illinois

What makes the seeing thngs brand so special is that we enjoy the products we have selected for women and it shows through the attention we give to the branding and the types of items that gives the utmost comfort and style for everyday wear.

When you're partaking in intense or light workouts you count on activewear that conforms easily to your movement in arm stretch, lunges, squats and repeated leg movements during walks and runs. 

Comfort creates a relaxed mindset free of restriction; you want to avoid tightness in between the thighs which could cause bruising from the close rubbing of the inner lining, so there's continuity in your workout and less need to interrupt your rhythm. Driving up those endorphines and maintaining focus to your health journey.

That's why it's important to purchase our products true to size so that it safely holds in areas of your skin and increase space in the under arm or legs to freely move around unless we direct to size up.

We make an effort to provide the proper guidance of what size to purchase because we try on and wear every single piece we sell for various active routines: hiking, running, walking and stretching. Since our clothing provides such durability, our activewear is like your best friend. It provides the comfort you need when it matters, it's dependable and long-lasting with years of usage.



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