What is seeing thngs?

seeing thngs clothing brand logo displayed as a pyramid

Women's Clothing Brand in Wheaton sparks curiosity with missing "i"

seeing thngs is a new clothing brand based in Wheaton, Illinois. A woman-owned brand that provides women with ageless-feminine activewear pieces like leggings, sports bras, and crop tops that are high quality and long-lasting. Helping you discover different thngs in you and around you.

At seeing thngs, our mission is to help you believe in a positive vision to create your best life. Everyone is a visionary. How you see things shapes your perception, and ultimately becomes your reality.

When a brand like ours places focus on simplicity and minimalist styles, it allows you to be unafraid of what is outside your comfort zone and to instead embrace it and try new thngs. Having a open mind and clearer vision of who you are not what others think you should become.


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