How is Seeing Thngs Differnt?

seeing thngs clothing brand logo displayed as a pyramid

Simplistic Style Gives Wheaton Clothing Store An Edge That Lasts 

Our 4 worded mantra to describe the essence of the seeing thngs brand is:
High-quality. Long-lasting.

Try pulling at the seams to stretch our leggings, the tug is minimal even after multiple wash cycles. You can wear our styles on repeat for weeks straight and no one will notice. They'll hold up. 

But most importantly, we are different because of our simplistic style that uses a subtle mix of wording, and our printed text and pyramid logo on our clothing to spread our mission without being overbearing. We love that you can easily layer or wear the styles on their own while enjoying the fun placement of our logo.

Because of our name, it creates great conversation for those wondering what is "seeing thngs"! Triggering curiosity and a reminder into how you are going about seeing thngs in your own lens and thngs you are doing to stay active and being open to things that are differnt.

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