How Did seeing thngs Get Started?

model wearing seeing thngs clothing sweatshirt paired with vintage branded hat

Founder's Personal Journey Drives Inspiration to Start Brand

During a wintry December, Brittany Johnson wanted a way to make women feel beautiful without the pressure from words or surrounding voices to define them. As someone who once felt unpretty, she knew that regardless of any woman's make-up or background they deserved to have a brand that represented them and takes them through their life journey. 

seeing thngs is here to remind you that we see you and we see all the beautiful differences that makes all women unique: their imperfections, their curves, their hair, their smile, their height, their voices, their eyes and more importantly their nationality! We stand with you to help you see your beauty and encourage you to see all thngs the same way. Read more about the meaning behind the seeing thngs name.


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